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Condensate Pot Manufacturers in India

Leading Condensate Pot Manufacturer, Supplier, & Exporter in India is Payal Engineering. A full selection of CONDENSATE POT and other products like Needle Valve, Air Headers are available from us at affordable prices. Condensate is captured and stored there. This keeps the various orifices clean and clear of debris. They are situated upstream of the instrument, and a bottom drain allows for cleaning. There are many materials for the condensate pots. A condensate or seal pot's main function is to contain foreign objects and any liquid that results from vapour (condensate). This prevents harm to the metering system.

The 4 inch diameter pipe for the condensate pot is positioned horizontally between the flow metre and gauge. In order to ensure compatibility with the secondary apparatus, it serves as a blocker between the primary line and the secondary mechanism to measure steam or any other vapours that may transition into a liquid form. Units should be positioned evenly to reduce the possibility of mistake brought on by an uneven fluid head in the connected pressure lines.

Condensate Pot Exporter & Supplier in India

Technical Specification:

  • Pipe size: 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″. Length-8″, 10″,12″ and Larger
  • Body Pipe: 40, 60, 160, (Schedule Pipe) seamless pipe.
  • Material: SS 316, SS 304, C.S., ASTM A 106 Gr.B.
  • Thread Standard: NPT as per ANSI B1. 20.1, BSP taper as per BS21, BSPP as per BS2779, Socket
  • Weld as per ANSI B 16.11, Butt weld as per ANSI B 36.10.
  • All condensate are 100% Factory tested prior shipment.
Condensate Pot Manufacturer
Condensate Pot Exporter
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